For years I rarely drank wine or any other type of alcohol for that matter, I could easily go six months without giving it a second thought. This was about 10 years ago when my business was just starting out and I was incredibly driven, focused, and teetering on the edge of ‘too healthy’ and I’m sure, kind of boring;)  I was isolating myself without even realizing it, other than coaching my clients, I wasn’t out socializing and connecting with others.

I was on a hiatus from fun!

And I stayed that way for a long time, then as the years went by I slowly started meeting more and more people that I genuinely enjoyed being around, and I started to go out and actually LIVE life more often. I often went to my friend’s cottage to wake surf all weekend, and after a day out on the lake we would pop a bottle of wine, sit around the bonfire and laugh A LOT. I had been so caught up in my business and feeling I had to be serious and working on my business ALL the time. Having fun wasn’t acceptable. I had work to do!

Oh my.

Looking back now. The one thing that was missing on my road to success was celebrating, and making time to play and have fun with other humans. Fast forward to today, I have the best friends a girl could ask for. I thoroughly enjoy going out for dinner, or just meeting up on a patio for a happy hour vino. Wine is like coffee for some of us, it’s a connection point we use to meet each other FACE TO FACE and dive into meaningful conversations with each other.

So moving on to today’s takeaway and ACTION steps, I’ve written 3 quick tips below for you to focus on for the next week, so you can enjoy that glass of wine on your patio while STILL moving into a healthier lifestyle. You’ll start to notice, like EACH one of my wine loving clients, the healthier you become, the less wine you’ll drink. Of course, it depends on how much you drink to begin with, if you have a few glasses on the weekend, you’ll probably continue to do so. If you’ve gotten in a habit of having a glass or two with dinner most nights of the week, you’ll slowly begin to change that habit. And not by having me point a finger at you, you’ll just start feeling so good, automatically the glasses of wine you drink will diminish.


3 Quick Tips for Vino Lovers


Tip #1 – Don’t wine right before bed. When you drink wine too close to bedtime it can really affect your sleep, keep that in mind and do your best to finish your glass 3 hours before bedtime. Having a good quality sleep each night is incredibly important for our health. Big time important. So aim for the recommended 8 hours per night, if you feel well rested and fairly energized throughout the day, that is your magic sleep number. It might be 7-9 hours, experiment with it. Rest, rest, rest!


Tip #2 – Workouts before wine. Wine is empty calories, so make sure you’re moving your body most days of the week. HIIT is a great way to see results AND keep your workouts nice and short, 20-30 minutes will do the trick. Add to that a few long leisurely walks outdoors for stress reduction, and you’ll be looking and feeling great!


Tip #3 – Eat whole foods. This tip is wine focused and general nutrition advice. Before you take my advice, always listen to your body when it comes to food choices. For example, blueberries are healthy, and my friend is allergic to them. Get my drift. Your body knows best. For breakfast stick to higher protein and healthy fat options, and a small serving of fruit if you want. Stay away from muffins, cereals, and sugary/processed breakfast foods. Focus on quality protein and healthy fats, and a big serving of veggies for lunch and dinner. If I’m having wine with dinner, I don’t have starchy carbs, my wine replaces them. For example, I’ll have a huge kale salad topped with bbq chicken. and olive oil/balsamic dressing drizzled over it. Simply put, my wine is my carbs. No dessert, no potatoes, no rice, no bread. This doesn’t ALWAYS happen, BUT I do my best to leave carbs out of my dinner when wine is part of my nightly treat.  Drop your sugar consumption way down, and stick to 1-2 servings of fruit per day, when you want some healthy carbohydrates, berries are best.


There you have it, some very simple tips for your wine loving self! Quality sleep, exercise, and healthy food choices more often. Wine can easily fit into a healthy lifestyle, it’s one of life’s pleasures and meant to be savoured and enjoyed with loved ones! Just be sure to check in with yourself and make sure you’re not using it as a crutch…there’s no “healthy Lifestyle” in that.


What area of your life will you focus on first? Sleep? Exercise? Nutrition?


Live Inspired,


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