I just finished a long session with the woman I’m mentoring in business and life. I couldn’t love her more or be more proud of her than I am right now. I almost squeezed her to death, sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I had her take a deep, scary dive into her past. At first she wanted to keep it light, leave that part out, skim over that experience, and so on. I said “Nope, not how we do things at Casa Sonja.”

We dove into the darkness and she included all the gory details, every single one of them. Vulnerable and trusting.

This is a woman that has been to hell and back.

This is also a woman that now joyously dances down the street.

This is a woman who can forgive her younger self for trusting in someone that unfortunately couldn’t be trusted.

This is a woman that is ready to forgive.

This is a woman that is so powerful I’m still vibrating from our session.

This is a woman that trusts herself fiercely.

This is a woman that changes lives.

I’m so inspired by her, and I’m so lucky she’s mine! When you dig deep into the darkness, get right in there, and voice it to someone that loves and respects you. It’s freedom.

What is haunting you from your past?
What is something you can’t let go of?
When you have the courage to face it head on…the feeling that comes from that is EXTRAORDINARY.


Live Inspired,


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