A few months ago I could NOT sleep.

It went on for two months, and I was slowing losing my mind. I was taking some over the counter ‘natural sleep aids’ which worked but I wanted to get off of them. Around that time I went to a health workshop about the MIRACLE of Magnesium.

Well Hallelujah. I started taking two capsules of Magnesium each night before bed…and miracle indeed. I’ve slept like a happy little baby ever since.

My client has also seen the miracle of Magnesium in her own life. She had terrible leg pain for years, during sleep, after exercise, during exercise, it took over her life. And she was popping prescription drugs because of it, doctors orders. One day when I was training her I suggested she give Magnesium a try… and bam. Her pain was GONE.

No drugs. Just Magnesium.

Whatever your issue is read up on magnesium and see how it can help you…it’s a simple and healthy remedy.

No prescription needed.

Here are just a few things Magnesium can help you with:


2. Helps You CHILL OUT.

3. Helps HYDRATE your body.

4. Helps You POOP.

5. Helps with OUCHY muscle cramps.

6. Helps your bones stay STRONG.

7. Helps boost your brain POWER and FIGHTS depression.

8. Helps your stress level take a NOSE DIVE.

9. Helps to detoxify your CELLS.

10. Helps your body stay AWAY from diabetes and chronic diseases.

Yes, run to find a bottle of Magnesium!  Make sure its just Magnesium..not paired with Calcium:)

Let me know your positive experience below!

Live Inspired,


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