You cannot hate yourself into health.


Been there. Done that. Epic fail.

I want you to feel healthy and free so take what I say to heart….

The moment your light switches ON and you CHOOSE to love and accept yourself, right where you are, right now, is the moment you will begin to CHANGE and get healthier.


Trust me.


To change your health and your life, start with my advice below:

Keep it simple. Really simple. Too simple, in fact;)

Simplicity breeds consistency. Consistency breeds habits. Habits breed health.

Nutrition – start to move away from processed foods and begin to eat mostly whole foods.

Exercise – if you don’t do any activity now, start to walk, each day, get out for a strut.

Baby step into your power, and you’re much more likely to keep that power, and own that power.

What ONE step are you going to take for the next 7 days?


Live Inspired,


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