Drum roll please…

The fastest way to transform your life is through….fitness!

This is the most valuable advice I will ever give you.

Did you hear that? I’ll say it again.

The fastest way to TRANSFORM your life is through FITNESS.

And I should know. It’s been the catalyst for every positive experience and direction my life has gone, and through the darkest days and weeks it has pulled me OUT and UP. If it weren’t for exercise and physical movement I don’t think I’d be here. And if that isn’t powerful, I don’t what is.

Exercise can save your life. I see it often, and if anxiety or depression are holding you back in life, get moving my dear, it will help you immensely.  I’ll say that again too. Please, get moving:)

Physical movement is the fastest way to change your energy, mood, emotions and attitude. The speed at which exercise can skyrocket your mood is instantaneous.

Yep, faster than a happy pill!

Why don’t you test it out for yourself though, as that’s always the best way to see what works for you. Are you stuck in a less than stellar feeling right now?

Work it out through your body. Stand up and do arm circles, jog in place, do 10 pushups, dance to your favourite song, sing, run, walk, bike…just move.

After you move, reassess your mood. Feel better or worse?


Live Inspired,


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