I love my clients. LOVE.

I’ve been saying that to people for the past 10 years, and it always rings true. I truly have THE most amazing clients!! I share quite a few client wins on Facebook, but realized I rarely share them on my blog, so here we go, let’s talk success shall we?!

These beautiful client wins all happened in one week, oh delightful!


Sally – Our first session was designing Sally’s fitness program (this is not a full workout, probably 15 minutes of actual movement) she said she felt better than she had in years. In. Years. She then messaged me 30 minutes after our session and was ecstatic as she told me “The woman at Safeway just said “Wow you look SO healthy and beautiful!” That was HUGE for her, as she has felt very unhealthy and weak for so long. No one had referred to her as “healthy looking” for many years. BIG. Impact.


Mary – Had a breakthrough after our first 60 seconds on the treadmill. She realized her self sabotaging “chocolate issue” was stemming from her relationship with her loved ones and she was trying to connect to them through food. Awareness changes everything.


Rebecca – We were training and I told her what exercise to move into next, she said she missed what exercise I just her to do next as she was busy thinking of all the solutions to her companies project issues, and how she was going to fix them! Creative solutions are at an all time high when you move your body.


Physical movement changes everything.


Now get out there and inspire yourself and others, ok?


Live Inspired,


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