We have it, we don’t.

It’s the challenge most clients come to me with…they want more of it, not less.
Do you too, dream of the day when you’ll have enough energy to breeze through your work day, spend time with family, AND have energy left to exercise?

Well, it’s possible!

But first you need to ditch the coffee addiction and slow down on lattes to fuel you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee. It makes me happy. I thoroughly enjoy my morning almond milk lattes, but I don’t rely on them to give me energy. I have one in the morning and that’s it. I used to always have a second one in the afternoon but realized it made me MORE tired. I would have been better off closing my eyes for 5 minutes or drinking some water.


Start to swap out your second cup of coffee for herbal tea or water.


When you run to Starbucks for your usual coffee, swap it out for a herbal tea.  Or change your habit completely and close your eyes for 5 minutes or go for a 5 minute power walk. Either of these suggestions will wake you up much more than the 3rd latte you’re chugging back.

The next time you want to reach for a coffee to feel energized, are you instead, going to go for a power walk or have a tea/water?

Let me know how it goes, coffee as a crutch is not the answer to more energy.


Live Inspired,

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