Hello, I’m Sonja.


I’m The Holistic Personal Trainer for Wine Lovers.


Yes, totally amazing. I agree. 


And I’m thrilled you’re here!

Now we can get started on making you even better than you already are.  Would you like to know why you can trust me to help you?


But let’s just stick with the highlights – I don’t want to keep you here all day…

I spent many years lost, overweight, and depressed with no direction or motivation in sight.  I numbed myself with drugs, alcohol and food but I couldn’t escape the misery I felt.  I was in a very dark place and I had no idea how to get OUT of this horrible state I was in.  And being the independent soul that I was, I never thought of asking for HELP – denial was much easier to deal with.

Then one day my mom asked me to join her at her gym, and reluctantly I decided to go…

And it was that day at the gym that changed my life forever.

I knew life was turning around for me and realized quickly that my BIG passion in life was health and fitness.  Yes…finally!

From that moment after my first day at the gym I began to change my ways and…

I completely TRANSFORMED myself from unhealthy to OH SO HEALTHY!

I started exercising regularly, eating better, and living a healthier lifestyle, taking myself from a size 14 to a size 4.  I then swung too far in the opposite direction and became a fitness fanatic, food fanatic, and suffered from a binge eating disorder.  I went from one extreme to the other. It took me years to finally break free from the chains I had placed on myself, but I did it.  All on my own.

And then…smash! I was in a terrible car accident that left me in near constant pain for over three years, leaving me trapped in very dark and fearful place. I felt defeated and ready to give up on many occasions, but each time I felt overwhelmed with my situation I persevered and fought my way through it as best I could. I stayed strong with the incredible support from my family and friends and I keep moving along knowing I could handle anything with their help and my own determination.

The Fastest Way to Transform Your Life is Through Fitness.

I now know I am living as my AUTHENTIC self.  This is the real me and I like her. I FEEL happy, healthy, strong, sexy, spiritual, and confident. And now I’m here to help YOU do the same.  Are you ready to live your life lit up and shine like the unique woman that you are?


See my mission here – What I Stand For


Education – I began my education with the Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles program at SAIT and then went on to complete the Personal Fitness Training Program at Mount Royal University.  I have continued my education throughout the years and became a Certified Holistic Wellness and Health Coach in 2013.

After graduating Mount Royal, I started my own mobile Fitness & Nutrition company, and have been helping people live better ever since. Throughout my career I’ve implemented innovative approaches to offer clients such as personalized fitness training via Skype, and Adventure Vacations, in which I whisk clients away on incredible trips around the world with me.

The 7 Lifestyle Changes That Can Easily Add a Decade to Your Life!

Yep. A whole decade.

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The 7 Lifestyle Changes That Can Easily Add a Decade to Your Life!
Yep. A whole decade.