Ok, let’s dive deeper into night time and the urge to eat everything in sight! This article is a continuation of my last blog post titled “Why Can’t I Stop Eating at Night!”

If you’re ready once and for all to let go of the need to eat everything in sight at night, keep on reading. Start with the 5 steps I’ve given you below, to begin to change your night time habits when it comes to overeating.  Remember it’s all about your MIND, you’re always in control, you can choose to NOT eat at night.

As I suggested in my last post, just do it once, you won’t die!  Promise. Then once you’ve done it, it isn’t new any more, and you can repeat it the following night if you choose, then your new habit will start to form.


5 Ways to Stop Overeating at Night:


1. Make sure you eat enough during the day.

If you’re not eating enough during the day, this is the first step you need to take. If you’re restricting calories during the day you’re going to devour everything in sight at night. Have a healthy breakfast, a larger lunch, and a light dinner. It will take time but start to adopt the mindset that night time is not a time to eat. The body is preparing for sleep and needs to focus on repairing your cells, instead of trying hard to digest the whole bag of chips you just ate.

2. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

The fastest way to an unhealthy diet is not getting enough sleep. Guaranteed. When we don’t sleep enough we crave carbohydrates and our willpower is low, we’re not thinking straight and this easily leads to poor food choices. The more rested you are, the better choices you can make and the more self control you’ll have. Get your ZZZ’s.

3. Figure out WHY you’re eating at night.

Take some time to figure this one out. Are you lonely? Bored? Stressed? Happy? Physically Hungry? Once you know what triggers your night time eating habits, you can take steps to make changes around those triggers. What NEED is the food filling?

4. Change your night time habits and triggers.

Now that you know what triggers you to reach for food at night, you can make changes that will stop you from eating at night. If you get into your pajama’s and snuggle up on the couch at night and watch TV, that might be your trigger to eat. Or maybe your kids want a night time snack, so while you’re making their snack you decide to have one too.

If TV watching is your trigger, either change the habit, perhaps read instead or do some meditation. Or, DECIDE that TV watching is when you drink tea or fresh lemon water. I know, not as appealing as chocolate! But as I’ve said before, don’t flip out, start with doing it just once. Watch TV at night and have water or tea, then go to bed. You won’t DIE. And you’ll realize you CAN DO IT. Then it isn’t NEW any more and you can repeat it again the next night if you decide to.

5. Find pleasure in something else besides food.

For many of us the desire to eat at night comes from pleasure missing in another area of our lives. What is missing from your life?  Do you feel connected to others on a daily basis? Do you give and receive affection and attention with others? Do you have a healthy sex life? Are you a lifelong learner, and INTERESTED in life and THINGS?

The moment we stop learning is the moment depression will start to creep in. Learning keeps us engaged and happy! Find something else that FEEDS you.

Which step are you going to take first?

Live Inspired,

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