Ready to boost your confidence level and go after the life you truly want?

Atta Girl!

Begin by following my daily practices below and you’ll be well on your way to rocking your own world!

So, what does the confident woman DO daily you ask?

1. She Exercises.  She knows this is fundamental to feeling confident in her life and her body. She doesn’t make excuses, fitness is her happy place, she loves to exercise. She reaps the benefits of her workouts and finishes feeling creative and energized!

2. She Nourishes Herself.  To feel confident and ready to take on her world, she understands how important nutrition is and feeds her body exactly what it needs.  Fresh, whole foods and plenty of water nourish her throughout the day, this keeps her energized and feeling fabulous!

3. She Gets Plenty of Sleep.  She recognizes sleep is the key when it comes to living healthy and confident, without a good nights sleep she isn’t feeling her best and that just won’t do for this confident powerhouse. She shuts down early enough at night to get between 8-9 hours per night!

4. She Compliments and Empowers Others. She loves to give genuine compliments to others and always has a kind word for those around her. She enjoys seeing the unique qualities that others possess and sharing it with them if they haven’t already figured it out for themselves. We are so often blind to our own brilliance!

5. She Thinks Positive.  She sees the opportunities and lessons in everything, whether good or bad, she takes life in stride and is gracious in her actions.  She can easily exude confidence as her positive outlook helps her to trust that life is giving her exactly what she needs.  She trusts.  Always the optimist!

And there you have it, steps to becoming the confident woman you are meant to be.

What makes you feel confident? I’d love to know what helps you feel strong and powerful!

Live Inspired,


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