As you know, I love to travel. My clients travel often too and always ask me for tips and guidance on HOW to travel AND be consistent with training and eating well. It doesn’t have to be hard, and the last thing I want to do is add stress to your vacation or business trip, so let’s start with some easy basics. Move your body MORE. Below are 5 tips to HELP you move your body more, when you’re traveling. I’m sure one or two of the tips will resonate with you more than others, go with the one that feels easiest.

5 Easy Tips to Keep You Travel Lovers Fit (thoroughly enjoying that this rhymes, by the way;)

1. Choose a Hotel with a Gym.

This is a great option when you’re traveling and extremely convenient as it’s only a few steps from your room. If your hotel doesn’t have a fitness centre you can easily workout in your room too. Your third option is outside, which is my favourite workout spot, especially when I’m in a warm and sunny location!

When out of town, I notice a lot of people use this as an excuse not to exercise. This is a big mistake, BIG, because adding fitness into your schedule will only enhance the experience of your trip, whether it being for business or pleasure. You may not be able to work out at the same gung-ho pace you can at home, but even a short workout can really boost your energy levels and keep you on track. Keeping fit and active will help your business meetings become more successful and your sightseeing and adventurous days more enjoyable.

2. Keep Your Muscles Moving.

As I mentioned earlier, you can do your workout in the hotel gym, in your room, or outside. I give my clients workouts that they can do anytime and anywhere, easy peasy. Staying active and fit CAN be simple, flexible and convenient.

3. Walk Around.

What better way to experience the city you’re in than on foot. Make it a rule that if the route is under a mile, you have to walk. You can get a cardio workout in by simply walking or jogging out the hotel door. Even if you only have 10-20 minutes for a quickie, it’s better than nothing. You get to take in the sights and exercise at the same time, sounds like a win-win situation!

4. Wake Up Early.

I can hear the groans already, but do it anyway. Typically at the end of your day you’re not in the mood to exercise. Rise and shine 30 minutes before you normally would and get it done, you’ll feel happier and energized all day because of it.
AND, studies have proven working out makes you much more conscientious about your food choices throughout the day – why not start the day out right?

5. Get In a Quickie (yes that kind of quickie works too;)

Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, put on your iPod or the TV music channel then pump up the tunes while you do a 10 min blast of lunges, push-ups, sit ups, and burpees – you’ll be sweating in no time and your workout will be done in a flash. And Remember – “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!”

What’s your biggest health or fitness challenge when you travel?


Live Inspired,


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