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“The obstacle I faced before working with Sonja was feeling that I didn’t deserve to spend money on myself, thankfully I don’t believe that anymore. I felt I’d “let myself go” – my clothes didn’t look good on me anymore, (especially around my middle), I was easily fatigued, moody and felt out of shape.  Soon after we began I quickly saw results!  My body looked toned, I felt stronger, younger, happier, energized and so much more like me again!  

The tailored-to-me workouts were my favourite parts. Sonja’s a gifted intuitive and whether spiritually, mentally or physically in a rut, she knew it and got me back on track to feeling good.  Her dedication and support kept me accountable to myself and proud of the results I was creating.  By midpoint into the program I was thinking even bigger than I could have even imagined – I was researching half marathons!

Sonja’s excellent program meets you where you are and quickly gets you into the energy and activity level of where you want to go. Perhaps it’s the fun enlightening conversations that happen during each training but something magical takes place each and every session, spiritually, mentally and physically.”    

Myrna Brown

“I’ve been working with Sonja for 2 years, and there are definitely times when I lose sight of my health goals. Sonja has this cat like intuition, feeling when I’m going off track, and she takes control and encourages me back on track. She’s my own personal cheering section, tough coach and inspiring kindred spirit. Sonja’s young, fresh and professional with an impish charm capable of motivating clients of any age. Sonja’s support established a renewed enthusiasm for my own health and wellness. She pushes me when I need it, and holds me accountable to take care of myself and my health, and for that I thank her immensely.”

Shauna MacDonald

“Six months ago I was pretty miserable when I decided that it was time to get real. Having struggled with exercising on a consistent basis throughout my lifetime, I realized help was needed to get me back on the road to a healthier lifestyle. My research led me to Sonja Franzmann and I am so happy it did.

Sonja is not only an incredible trainer, but a mentor, a friend and a wine lover too. She has an incredible knack for intuitively understanding what your body needs, and her gentle, persistent approach yields incredible results. In six months I have become a much stronger, leaner and healthier version of myself. I am so thankful for Sonja’s guidance. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.”

Janet Proskow

“Sonja was the featured speaker at the October meeting for a business network I regularly attend. Her presentation was about how personal fitness also benefits your business results. She told us all a bit about the kind of work she does with her clients, and how crucial these clients found their fitness to be to their well being and the results they get in their work. And she was adamant, doing a fitness routine doesn’t require an expensive infrastructure or fancy work out clothes.

Then she proved it.  She had the room of women (may have been some men there too) follow her and do squats, push ups and low planks. I was hooked. I wanted to get fit and strong and I decided to work with Sonja for the next six months. Fast forward almost three months, I am re-charged! I feel strong and able! I work out with Sonja, at home and on vacation. I’ve changed the way I eat, and enjoy a range of more simple foods that are more satisfying and keep me powered throughout my whole day. I feel clear, and more balanced all around.”

Dawn Ross

“My first encounter with Sonja was for a fitness & nutrition consultation. She told me that day, that she was very good. She was right! She had the ability to push me but was very responsive to my moods & tuned into what my body was capable of. Routines were creative which made things interesting. I have also used Sonja’s other personal coaching skills and was always amazed at her resources and the consistent push towards & pursuit of forward movement. Many an epiphany are the result of my work Sonja.”

Nancy Clark Smith

“Sonja is an excellent trainer. She truly has a gift for caring for the well-being of others. She is focused on empowering you physically and mentally to become a stronger person. I have really connected with her approach to a healthier lifestyle. Sonja doesn’t advocate all these fad diets that are out there. She promotes REAL, healthy eating. I love that when I am training with Sonja, she changes up our exercise routine and we’re not always doing the same thing. I have noticed wonderful changes from working out with Sonja. I am so happy that she has come into my life!”

Sukhi Philips

“As a ‘mature’ and busy woman and for all sorts of good reasons, my commitment to health and wellness wavered in the past three or four years. As a result, I found myself tired, out of shape and facing some medical issues. Having tried gyms and trainers in the past, I knew what I didn’t want – feeling overwhelmed in group training sessions or being left practically crippled by some young thing who does not understand the connection of mind to body and ‘age appropriate’ training. That’s when I met Sonja. For the past 9 months Sonja has led, coached and encouraged me in MY journey to strength and wellness. I am feeling better, looking better and well on my way to overcoming those medical issues. Sonja is professional, warm, caring and not afraid to push me to MY abilities. She is someone I trust and rely on and I am grateful to her for the excellent service and support she provides.”

Bernadette Resnik

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