The Globe and Mail contacted me a few weeks ago, interested in writing a piece on my holistic approach to health and fitness. And the fabulous bonus, they wanted to include one of my clients and focus on her transformation. Awesome!

So a big thank you to the Globe and Mail for writing an article, and an additional sidebar, on my Holistic business and my kick ass clients. And of course big love to you my beautiful Myrna Brown!  You’re an amazing client and woman.

If you want to get fit, eat healthier, and still enjoy wine. I just might be the coach for you. If you live outside of Calgary or travel often, my private online programs are perfect for you.


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The Calgary businesswoman, wife and mother of a son in university and another son in high school says she recently stunned her husband with her strength and newly toned build. “I was raising my arms and he said, ‘Wow, look at those pipes,’” she says, referring to her sculpted biceps from sticking with regular exercise that includes walking and weight training. “It was awesome, especially since I’m 54.”… the full article in the link above.


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