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“As a ‘mature’ and busy woman and for all sorts of good reasons, my commitment to health and wellness wavered in the past three or four years. As a result, I found myself tired, out of shape and facing some medical issues. Having tried gyms and trainers in the past, I knew what I didn’t want – feeling overwhelmed in group training sessions or being left practically crippled by some young thing who does not understand the connection of mind to body and ‘age appropriate’ training. That’s when I met Sonja. For the past 8 months Sonja has led, coached and encouraged me in MY journey to strength and wellness. We meet in my home 3 times a week and, with nothing other than a yoga mat and some weights, I am feeling better, looking better and well on my way to overcoming those medical issues. Sonja is professional, warm, caring and not afraid to push me to MY abilities. She is someone I trust and rely on and I am grateful to her for the excellent service and support she provides.” Bernadette Resnik

“In 6 months Sonja helped me lose 15 lbs and become strong, sexy and confident for my beach wedding in Cuba! It was the most important day of my life and I looked amazing and FELT amazing. She is a woman who feeds my soul and makes me feel like I can do anything! Sonja has been incredible, her individualized programs are amazing and they work. I have lost 10 pounds since starting with her, I have changed my eating habits, I feel amazing I have so much energy, I notice my body changing already, I’ve got muscle and definition where I hadn’t had it before. It’s just an amazing feeling..I get compliments on how I look, I went out and bought a new pair of jeans and I can rock those jeans and I feel sexy and incredible already. And my fiance has noticed as well which is a huge bonus. I feel so much better about myself overall and it’s all thanks to Sonja. And I look forward to more positive changes in the coming months. Thank you so much Sonja!” Jackie Clark

“I’ve been working with Sonja for 2 years, and there are definitely times when I lose sight of my health goals. Sonja has this cat like intuition, feeling when I’m going off track, and she takes control and encourages me back on track. She’s my own personal cheering section, tough coach and inspiring kindred spirit. Sonja’s young, fresh and professional with an impish charm capable of motivating clients of any age. Sonja’s support established a renewed enthusiasm for my own health and wellness. She pushes me when I need it, and holds me accountable to take care of myself and my health, and for that I thank her immensely.” Shauna MacDonald

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“Sonja Franzmann, a Canadian born and raised, is passionate about helping women change their health and their lives.  With 10 years of experience and multiple media appearances, Sonja is an expert when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. She believes living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to live, and she’s here to show you how. She’s a woman that truly walks her talk.  “There’s no one like Sonja. She’s the trusted guide to help you step into your own power and live a healthy lifestyle. She’s real, she’s fun and she gets results!”

People are sweet, thanks for that. Let me add a few words, starting with what makes my heart sing. In my spare time you might catch me “bringing out the ‘special’ in people, traveling, kissing palm trees, embracing creativity, and hands down my favourite past time is enjoying coffee or wine and conversation with my sweet and sassy friends and family.

Moving along, onto education, I began with the Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles program at SAIT in 2003 and then went on to complete the Personal Fitness Training Program at Mount Royal University in 2004.  I have continued my education throughout the years and became a Certified Holistic Wellness and Health Coach in 2013.

After my graduation from Mount Royal University 10 years ago, I started my own mobile Fitness & Nutrition company and I’ve been helping people live better ever since. Throughout my career I’ve implemented innovative approaches to offer clients such as personalized fitness training via Skype, and Adventure Vacations, in which I whisk clients away on incredible trips around the world with me. Now enough about me, tell me about yourself. I’m interested!

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