sonjapromo 6 Must Do Moves To Shape Up For Your Summer Wedding

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“I want to fit into ALL the clothes in my closet.”
“I want to FEEL confident, sexy and good about myself.”
“I want to feel in control of my thoughts and stop the NEGATIVE chatter!”
“I want to ENJOY my favourite foods and not feel as though I'm always on a diet.”
“I want to stop over thinking at night and get some SLEEP!”
“I want to stop STRESSING out about all the things I can't control.”

6 Must Do Moves To Shape Up For Your Summer Wedding

This is it, YOUR big day is fast approaching! And with a few months to go until your summer wedding you still have time to look and feel fit, sleek and confident!  I’ve designed an effective bridal workout to help you get fit and fabulous. Do this workout 3x/week if you want to lose weight, […]

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Learning To Slow Down Before Your Wedding

Slow Down.  Yes my lovely bride-to-be, take a breath. No matter how busy you are, slow down. Your alarm goes off. You hit the snooze button several times before pulling yourself out of bed. This is the only moment in the day in which you will be slow. From here on out you are on […]

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Grab My Ebook on Staying Fit & Traveling Light!

Ready to travel and return home from traveling without the excess baggage? Well, you’re in luck! Grab my ebook here - Guide To Staying Fit and Healthy While Traveling It’s a short, easy and practical guide you can take with you any time you’re away from home and want to stay fit and healthy.

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About two months ago, I was training my client Bill in his condo’s fitness studio when a woman walked up to me and said ‘give me your card’. I did as she asked. We talked later that night, she said her quality of life was far from spectacular and she wanted to start strength training, […]

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“Tapping” Into What You Want

I started ‘tapping’ last year, but never stuck with it, I’m not sure why I stopped as I noticed subtle changes when I did. So, I decided to start again and committed to doing it each day for one month. Noticing some positive shifts occurring, I’m now sharing this technique with clients and friends who […]

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Wow, Another Article in the Media. Thanks Calgary Bride!

I feel so grateful to have all this media attention lately about my venture into the Calgary Wedding scene. Thanks to Alix from Calgary Bride, she ‘gets’ me and how I help brides right down to their souls, she writes it beautifully! Check it out – Living Totally Inspired with Sonja Franzmann

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